Wednesday, 2 July 2014

by Patricia Taylor

First Lady In Red

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About Patricia:

Patricia's website tells of her travels, her life, and her book about her life entitled 'Unveilings, A Desert Journey.' Her recent screen play 'Unveiled' is newly registered with the Writers Guild of America.

Patricia is a U.S. citizen who lived, traveled, and studied in Japan, Europe, and the Middle East at different times in her life. Currently she is a full time artist and writer living in Florida where her international background and art study come alive in her oil paintings. She generally paints for friends and family; here she displays her art for you to view and to order prints or cards if you like from FAA. Patricia does not sell her original art online. She usually paints specifically for an individual. You are welcome to look and to purchase prints or cards from FAA. If you would like Patricia to paint something specifically for you, please contact her for further information. Patricia also displays some of her international photography and paintings for viewers to enjoy and to purchase prints or cards. Thank you for stopping by!

To see Patricia's work in the Barack Obama Blog please click <> HERE <>

Jacksonville, FL - United States

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