Tuesday, 18 February 2014

by Douglas Simonson



This is a digital painting, with each color area hand-drawn on a digital tablet. The color areas were then layered in Photoshop to create the finished image.

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Douglas Simonson has been painting professionally for over 30 years. During that time he has built a worldwide collectorship and his art hangs in collections in over 80 countries. He's shown his art in almost every major U.S. city and has had numerous one-man shows in his home city, Honolulu.


Douglas Simonson has been making art since he was capable of holding a crayon--and he began taking photographs not long after that. He grew up in the cattle country of western Nebraska, not happy about it. He didn't know yet that he was gay--just that he didn't fit in with the cowboys he grew up with.

Later, he figured it out, and from that revelation found his focus and passion as an artist: the male nude.

Following a dream he'd had since he was a child, Simonson moved to Hawaii in 1971 and lived there for over 40 years, building a life and career as an artist of the male figure, while also making his mark as a painter of landscapes, abstract works, and portraits--and as a cartoonist (his 1981 book based on the Hawaiian dialect, Pidgin to da Max, became one of the best-selling books ever published in the 50th State).

Simonson's medium of choice is acrylic. He prefers to work quickly and likes a medium that encourages that. He's also known for his pencil drawings.

In 2011 Simonson left Hawaii to begin a life of full-time travel. Of course even a full-time traveler needs a homebase, so in 2012 the artist moved his office and studio to his home state of Nebraska. Not only is this spot in the center of North America a more convenient travel hub, it's also close to his family. He's finding that his new location encourages him to be more productive as an artist: 'I like Nebraska because it's quiet. There are a lot fewer distractions here than in Hawaii, and when I'm not traveling, this is a wonderful place to just focus on my painting.' 

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Lincoln, NE - United States

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